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Film & Video Production

Lewis Limited Productions – Film & Video Productions

Lewis Limited Productions develops interactive, live-actor, film-based and web-based training programs used to prepare corporations for going into different culturally complex country environments.


Our primary goal is getting results for your company. To accomplish this, we use our extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and our expertise in film and video productions. We use our creativity and your product knowledge to successfully build a message for your clientele. The end result will incorporate all of these elements to produce the best results for you. The message, often times will be exciting, entertaining and creative, but with the greater objective of getting you results. Working together with our clients to produce a message that brands the mind of the consumer is what we do best. We work hard to try and establish a loyalty among our customers. Together we get results.

Lewis Limited Productions is a full-service production division with state-of-the-art, pre & post production facilities, focused on creating branded and original content. Lewis Limited Productions is composed of an interdisciplinary community of film and video professionals that actively collaborate to ensure the success of the project.


If you know anything about Lewis Limited Productions, it’s likely you know just how innovative we are with video & film production. For over ten (10) years, we have developed many film based training programs for the Federal Government, informational Short Films, 1 “Telly” Award-Winning Music Video, and several commercials.

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