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Strategic Consulting Services:


Lewis Limited provides advise to organizations in an unbiased fashion.  We use our industry knowledge to deliver the best results. We are Management Consultants which generally implies advising our clients at the highest-level of their company.

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Business Development Services:


Our Business Development Team works in senior management positions within your company. We assist in finding potential new customers, to present to them, ultimately converting them into clients, and continuing to grow that business in the future. Strategic planning is a key part of our mission. As part of our responsibility we will develop the pipeline of new business coming into the company. This requires a thorough knowledge of the market, the solutions/services that our team can provide.

Diversity & Inclusion Services:


Our diversity and inclusion consulting, coaching, training, and assessments help clients of all sizes and across all industries develop more effective leaders and managers create stronger, more inclusive teams, reduce employee turnover, improve innovation and achieve better results. Our passion is helping organizations become more inclusive for everyone.

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Custom Course Design & Game-Based Learning Services:


Our Custom Course & e-Learning Division incorporates “full-motion video, audio, flash-animation and text into the online learning environment. The Lewis Limited team has designed and developed hundreds of hours of online training custom course content. The Lewis Limited team understands web-based training design principles, and has the graphic design staff to ramp up quickly to handle all types of online training tasks. We use Game-based strategies to enhanced the online learning environment. We work collaboratively with clients early in the process to clearly identify the key outcomes, and then design and execute an optimal game strategy.

Online Training & Education Services:


Lewis Limited is on its 5th Generation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) called Virtual-Chalkboard™. The LMS platform integrates tools and functionalities that provide a mechanism, for our clients that gives them a  competitive edge with their online training. At its core is a content management system which allows a non-technical user to create / edit / delete content for display on the web.  The LMS contains additional features for learning such as: A robust user-friendly Course Catalogue and course detailed explanation of the online course that you are about to take.  

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Film & Video Productions Services:


Lewis Limited Productions is a full-service production division with state-of-the-art, pre & post production facilities, focused on creating branded and original content. Lewis Limited Productions is composed of an interdisciplinary community of film and video professionals that actively collaborate to ensure the success of the project.

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Media & Print Services


  • Direct Mail Marketing

  • Graphic Design Services

  • Multi Media Services

  • Printing Services

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  • Brochures

  • Banners

  • Door Hangers

  • Flyers

  • Yard Signs

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