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LEWIS LIMITED Team Customer/Client Examples


Lewis Limited has designed and developed hundreds of hours of online training custom course content for over ten (10) years. For example, the team has partnered with American Institutes for Research (AIR) a large, highly respected, non-profit organization in Washington D.C. to provide Learning Management System (“LMS”) services, Content Hosting services and custom course design service for several Public-School Systems around the country. AIR worked with Lewis Limited to design, develop, and convert PowerPoint training courses into online computer-based flash animation training courses.  The training course content was designed and developed for the States of Hawaii, Delaware, Minnesota and New York Public School Systems and is being delivered on Lewis Limited’s Virtual-Chalkboard™ Learning Management System (LMS) platform.


The Public-School Systems have licensed over 15,000 seats of the Virtual-Chalkboard™ LMS system as the distribution platform. The Public-School Systems use the full LMS capabilities for registering, tracking, and reporting for the U.S. State Assessment Online Training Courses for Hawaii, Delaware, Minnesota and New York Test Administrators. The interactive training course was designed to show the Test Administrators how to administer the test training. The TA’s are required to take and pass the course in order to be able to administer online testing for their students.

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Lewis Limited was contracted by Florida A&M University (FAMU) to develop online custom course training programs as well as provide, online training course software system “Virtual Chalkboard™-LMS” (Learning Management System) since 2006. The online custom training course is currently being distributed through the LMS system. The


Virtual-Chalkboard™ combines, tracking, reporting and course management tools with the power to author, edit and maintain content within each course and/or quiz.  Virtual-Chalkboard™ allows multiple authors to publish content and to easily edit that content without any prior training. This contract represents a lease/purchase of 2,000 user licenses of Virtual-Chalkboard™ by FAMU’s Organizational Development and Training Department. 

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